We are a group of companies with worldwide expertise that offer solutions in Culture and Entertainment sector. Following the idea of the VISION 2030 Quality of Life program 2020 and national ambitions, transmitted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we would be honored to offer you the following services:

- one of a kind shows, concert programs and immersive experiences
- national symphony orchestra and music academy
- event management services
4D Immersive Show
A unique, brand new show "Tree of Life" inspired by Lote tree of Quran
More than just a show, it is a global musical and educational project designed to combine cultural traditions and tomorrow's technology. The Tree of Life for the first time addresses all the senses of the audience at once, immersing it in an amazing journey through the seasons.
A number of unique solutions have been employed to create a stunningly realistic panoramic video projection and allow the audience to feel the breeze and rain, and smell the flowers and grass. Never before has there been such an incredible confluence of art and music, nor indeed such an opportunity to become fully immersed in its essence. The premiere is set to be an event of global resonance, laying the foundations for a new genre of art – a genre that draws upon mankind's greatest achievements in culture, science and technology.
The venue's space will be transformed into an actual forest, with the majestic Tree of Life taking the centre of the stage. Just like the Sidrah al-Muntaha Tree, it symbolises respect for tradition, the striving for perfection, the development of civilisation and the eternal path traversed by its people towards harmony and progress. The roots of the tree will form a space for creative collaborations between the greatest musicians, ballet soloists, world-renowned vocalists, professional contemporary dancers, and artists working in this new genre.

The Tree of Life has never been staged before, it is currently a concept and is planned as a show for the open-air venue for 3 000 seats, but it can be adjusted to you needs.
event maNagement
Event management, venue management and calendar management
We have a wast experience in:
-managing and developing event calendars
-managing temporary and permanent infrastructure where cultural events take place

Last experience: Developing a cultural calendar for Expo 2017 ASTANA, which included more than 3000 events and executing management of each event. The team of more than 400 professionals was employed. We also provided infrastructure management at Expo 2017: 10 managed venues. 2000 employees.
Creating National Symphony Orchestra and Music Academy in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
Applying rich experience in creating ensembles and orchestras in Kazakhstan, India, UAE (West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of India, Almaty Symphony Orchestra, Children's Orchestra of NCPA program, UAE National Orchestra - where we have won the Ministry of Culture tender a few months ago) we offer to create a professional symphony orchestra within short time frames based in the capital of the Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Special features include:
· Establishing a Special Children's Music Academy in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra, where orchestra musicians are teaching
· Playing and teaching national Saudi Arabia instruments and national, traditional music
· The orchestra can produce music for the growing film industry in Saudi Arabia that is being put in motion by Vision 2030

One of our core goals is to support and develop local talents and their self-identity, providing full support to the most talented students joining the «big family» of the National Symphony Orchestra.
performed by our orchestras
Live Almaty Symphony Orchestra show-concert Energy of Sound and MR. Adam
Energy of Sound
An extraordinary, new genre in music, the "Energy of Sound" is written by world-known composer Sir. Karl Jenkins, directed by talented Vasily Barkhatov and performed by virtuoso violin Marat Bisengaliev and Almaty Symphony Orchestra where wildest dreams come true: musicians fly, fire comes from their instruments and amazing effects are following viewers from the beginning of the story, dedicated of the sound's voyage in the Universe.

The show has been performed 14 times at EXPO 2017 in Astana at a full house and we can bring it to Saudi Arabia anytime.

An innovative performance which is built around the narration of a collective image of one's life story, its' emotions and different stages of life. Integrated in a high-end technology it develops a one of a kind experience that will fascinate viewers all around the world.

The show premiered in Moscow in May and we can bring it to Saudi Arabia anytime.

We offer a wide range of services in event production and management and we can fulfill any dream or vision of yours. We do create shows from scratch for our clients and it would be a great honor to work with you and the legacy your country has to create something really unique and one of a kind.

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