MR. Adam
When life can be heard

Mr. Adam is an innovative performance which is built around the narration of a collective image of one's life story, its' emotions and different stages of life. Integrated in a high-end technology it develops a one of a kind experience that will fascinate viewers all around the world.

"Mr. Adam" key personalities
Sir. Karl Jenkins
Sir. Karl Jenkins is a Welsh musician and composer. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2005 New Year Honours and a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2010 Birthday Honours. In 2015 he was made a Knight Bachelor. In 2016 Jenkins received the BASCA Gold Badge Award for his unique contribution to music.
Marat Bisengaliev
Violin soloist
Marat Bisengaliev is a Kazakh «brilliant violin soloist» (as named by «The Times») and conductor of both Almaty Symhony Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra of India. He is also the founding Music Director of the Symphony Orchestra of India and a professor of Birmingham concervatory.
The musician has performed at the world's best concert venues, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Centre, Wigmore Hall, Barbican Centre, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and many others.
Vasily Barkhatov
Art director, script writer
Vasily Barkhatov is a Russian film and theater director and screenwriter. Creative director of the Mariinsky theatre, Bolshoi theatre and author of numerous projects, which are successfully held in theaters in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Russia and Switzerland. He has established himself as an authoritative and genuine professional. In 2013 he was the artistic director of the "Mikhailovsky theater. 100 years anniversary", and in cooperation with Maestro Valeriy Gergiev he has executed a large number of projects at the Mariinsky theatre, including the "New Mariinsky Theater opening Gala show».
The ASO brought together talented musicians who are not afraid of experimenting, exploring new horizons and features in their work. With the advent of this unique team, the audience of music fans has expanded at the expense of young people, who previously paid little attention to the classical concerts. The young team, use of modern technologies, lightness and virtuosity of performance, as well as the repertoire selection attract many listeners and create a favorable image of the orchestra, featuring spectacular shows and a high level of performing skills.

The repertoire of the orchestra has more than 200 works by the classical, modern and Kazakh composers, as well as the innovative music projects and show programs. The orchestra performed at the Carnegie Hall (New York), at the Palais des Festivals (Cannes), in the Kremlin (Moscow) and in many other halls around the world.


The audience will also be fascinated with the virtuoso integration of National Kazakh musical instruments into the performance as it gives a unique charm and originality to Mr. Adam's life.
The story follows the life of Mr.Adam who symbolizes each and one of us.

Just as every human's story, his own starts with birth and is followed by merry childhood, growing up and exploring the world around him. He learns, travels the world and dreams of marvelous destinations, celebrating life every step of his way. Friends surround him, and love conquers his brave heart.
Of course, we wouldn't see bright stars if it wasn't for the darkness. Mr. Adam is going through war and unites the humanity, becoming the man of the world. The hard times bring loneliness to his life and he couldn't find a better way to feel warmth in his heart again than to go through his childhood memories. He dives into exploring old photo albums which inspire him to create masterpieces and find his peace. He reaches the eternity.

But life is endless.
A new Mr. Adam is born.
An innovative Black Trax technology was used in the production of "Mr. Adam" in order to enable us to deliver impactful and compelling presentations not only through sound, but also through visual content.

The performance is best staged at chamber halls with theater seating of 1000 - 1300 people.