Aurora event management
Entertainment solutions for Cyprus
Aurora Event Management/Star Project Consortium is represented by 2 companies - Star Project (founded in 2010) and Aurora Event Management (founded in 2015).

Star Project is one of the leading companies in the field of professional solutions in organizing mega events such as the Olympic Games, the World Expo, the World Championships and others. The main expertise and the existing organizational structure was created during the World Expo Astana 2017.

Aurora Event Management is an international agency that produces music shows and offers bookings and management of world known artists and shows. We also offer developing event calendars.
Our portfolio includes a range of shows, concerts, festivals and management expertise.

Aurora Arena is a Dubai project we're currently executing with World Trade Center - we manage it from scratch.
We work along with our international partners, who have expertise in various entertainment fields: from venue management to creating and coordinating world-class ceremonies and shows.
We have monitored open sources and made an analysis of entertainment sector in Cyprus.
Here is what we've found:
Winter season
Most events are happening during winter months.
Pattihio Municipal Theatre
Most events happen in this Theater.
Russian events
Are taking the most part of Cyprus event calendar and they tend to be the biggest ones.
15-20 euros
Is the average price for locals.
80 euros
Is the average price for Russians.
Lack of international events
As far as we've checked there were no huge international events lately.
We can offer you creating a year-round event calendar with international content of your choice, which will attract the extra touristic flow, meet the needs of your population and meet the demand in a variety of cultural products. For example, we have a Cirque du Soleil interest in staging a new show in Cyprus.
We can propose the following services:
Booking and manage artists/shows/concerts
We can book and manage artists of your choice and budget. We can also create a show that meets your needs.
Event calendar

We can offer you a full event calendar for any period you need and fill it with international events of your choice. Our partner-companies can offer their services on managing the calendar at any venues.
Temporary Aurora Arena

An entertaining pavilion, where we book artists and manage the full event calendar with the help of our partner companies.
Aurora event management
See you in Cyprus